Emmy's ULTIMATE Rapunzel Adventure

Well, the Inevitable has happened. Rapunzel seems to have FINALLY run out of PRINCES!

Picky, picky, picky...!

She spots a suitable candidate..

My, doesn't he look... short...

A stolid sort...

NOT very emotional...

Rapunzel SPOTS her latest suitor...

But the young prince takes his TIME...
He doesn't seem TOO hurried...
The prince rattles off the formula

What an ODD young man!


Predictably, Rapunzel is severely Under-impressed...
POOR Rapunzel...


(Wonder if she's ever thought of becoming a STAND-UP comedian?)

Rapunzel is SHOCKED!

Rapunzel finds herself SPEECHLESS!

That's IT?

Good thing he's LEAVING!

(Is this IT? Has Rapunzel reeeeally used up ALL the princes in the country?)

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