Gabriel Da Gamba

Gabe in the garden... Wow! A trip through TIME!
Gabriel Jonathan da Gamba originally hails from Killaloe, County Clare - though he counts as his most famous ancestor Portuguese pirate Don Gaspar Diego da Gamba (1464-1546 a.d.), who married Castilian princess Maria-Teresa in 1487 a.d.) The quiet but good-natured paramedic laughs at any comparison with his flamboyant ancestor. "The most spectacular thing I've ever done is win a charity cooking contest on local television with my grandmother's recipe for Irish soda bread!" he insists.

Name: Gabriel da Gamba
Job: Paramedic
Spouse: Lilith Sorensen
Siblings: Mary Margaret, Tim, Bernadette (older), Maureen, Niall (younger)
Hates: Waking up early on my day off!
Loves: Going to the cinema, eating ice cream, sleeping in, playing with other peoples' cats, dogs and small children, old TV shows
Pet Peeves: Rolling over onto Lilith's ice cold hot water bottle when I'm fast asleep.
Special Interests: History, I suppose. I love exploring old castles and ruins, and finding out about them.
Not-So-Secret Ambition: Never to wallpaper AGAIN!

Asking Lilith out for the very first time!
Here's my OWN historic moment; asking Lilith out for the very first time!

This was the RESULT!
The first time I proposed, she turned me down. But six months later, she said Yes...

Wonderful honeymoon!
We had a lovely quiet honeymoon at Knottwood Castle...

Our first Christmas together...
Our first Christmas together... I'll never forget it;

I'll never forget our wallpaper adventure, either...
I'll never forget our first WALLPAPERING adventure, either!

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