Isobel's Frog Prince Adventure

Today, we join ISOBEL HANBRO in the middle of babysitting the two littlest Lindquists, Luke and his twin sister Andraia...

POOR Isobel!
How LONG two hours can seem..

...Let's go back in time...
* (Click on this LINK to see LAST YEAR'S Epic Adventure that Isobel is referring to...)

Isobel is FIRM...

Is this Isobel talking about being nice to sisters?

That punishment lasts all of twenty SECONDS...

Isobel has a flash of sudden INSPIRATION...
Brilliant idea, Isobel!

Luke FREEZES in mid-screeeeeeeam!
I think he LIKES that one...

(How SURPRISING, *yawwwn*...)

The Frog Prince it is. The curtain is put back up, the toys quickly tidied, and Isobel manages to keep them entertained with their favourite story for quite twelve MINUTES!

Isobel has her OWN unique twist on the story...

The END at LAST?

This time, however, Andraia has been THINKING...
Andraia is smart!

Whaaa's... 'Appenin'?...

I don't think that's a good idea!

Isobel cheerily asks for HELP!

UH-ohhh.... ANOTHER one of Isobel's BRILLIANT IDEAS?

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