Isobel's Lost & Found Adventure

The first real break in the case of the Missing Schoolgirls occurred around five o' clock in the afternoon, JUST when many people were thinking wistfully of tea...

Buddy Jim rushes to the scene!
What can it BE?

Colin crawls inside the small cave and emerges moments later with a horrific discovery!
THIS doesn't look good!*

At the sight of his daughter's favourite t-shirt, poor Buddy Jim is UTTERLY overcome! It is left to her grandfather to positively identify it...

Every father's ULTIMATE nightmare!

Almost immediately, they are startled by an agonized cry from Peter Linsell...
Oh NO!  What ELSE?

"It looks like the Evans girl's yellow cell phone!"
I don't BELIEVE it! This can't be *HAPPENING*...

What IS it???

Don't SLIP, Lars!

As he bends to retrieve it, Lars reflects sadly that the whole village knows Belinda's distinctive yellow phone...
It's the ONLY yellow phone in KNOTTWOOD..

Suddenly Officer Don utters a horrified CRY...
What IS it?...

"And they're just... HANGING there... from the old BRIDGE..."
I don't want to SEE this!

"No... wait... there are TWO pairs of LEGS..."

"...and... and... *SHOPPING???*..."

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