The Fifth Annual Knottwood Christmas Party Adventure

Exhausted by her rage, Varna Sorensen-Thorssen flops into a chair... not even CARING that its magenta canvas upholstery totally clashes with her ensemble and hair colour!
She should be *ASHAMED* of herself!

She stubbornly refuses ALL attempts at comfort...
Now, REALLY, Varna!

...and those biscuits were SOOO yummy..)

However, she is not left to enjoy her temper for LONG...
Varna, *STOP!*

After a brief but alarming struggle, the fiery actress is subdued...
I don't BELIEVE this!

It looks as if the evening is going to end in DISASTER!
This is just *AWFUL!*

The defiant actress has a parting shot for the girl who betrayed her...
(Katy is Varna's good friend Piers Bosnan's NIECE!


As Varna is led away, order is slowly restored to the Spongebob Room...
It's going to take AGES to clean up that mess!

Suddenly Neville confronts Officer Don... with a tray of his delicious baking...

Neville is SO naughty!

I NEVER would have believed this'!

Within seconds, Varna finds herself released with a STERN WARNING. She wastes NO time in seeking out Assistance...
What the-??

(Well, at least ONE person is having her best Christmas EVER...)
For once Varna has MORE tangles than *ISOBEL!*)
But something tells us we haven't heard the END of this...

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