Rosalinda's Flamenco Flare-Up Adventure

One photo that DIDN'T make it into PEEPLE Magazine's Christmas Party Fashion Feature was that of Celestia Skye and Asuka Moriyama...

two beauties!

The photoshoot was suddenly INTERRUPTED!
That was a bit abrupt!

Rosalinda speaks urgently!!

Rosalinda insists!

The normally quiet Rosalinda goes on pleading and INSISTING for quite twenty minutes!

Rosalinda insists!

Never the most patient of people, Asuka even resorts to RUDENESS!

Wow, never seen her do THAT before!

Finally, however - after Rosalinda has earnestly promised Asuka her Firstborn Son and half the rights to the family lemon farm - Asuka's sense of humour is awakened. She comes up with a COMPROMISE...

A novel solution!

And that's really why Celestia ended up having her photo taken with Troy Damon Hunter, instead of Asuka...

Whose eyes match her dress!

...while Rosalinda hurried home to try out The Dress!

She's enthusiastic!

You'd think Rosa's landlady, Irish Dance teacher Eithne O'Farrelly, would be USED to the sound of tapping feet...

Poor lady!

...But she's NOT...

Poor lady!

VERY enthusiastic!

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Rosalinda's Manton de Manila (special flamenco shawl) by LEONOR
Eithne O'Farrelly's wallpaper from JENNIFER'S FREE DOLLHOUSE PRINTABLES
Both Asuka and Celestia's gowns by PAT of COLDWATER
Special thanks to KATHERINE for bringing Rosalinda's pink flamenco outfit back from SPAIN!

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