The Fifth Annual Knottwood Christmas Party Adventure


There were some absolutely STUNNING outfits and dresses at this year's Annual Knottwood Christmas Party. Here, we see the always-elegant Bethany Underfoot in the merest wisp of violet satin with daring diagonal metallic stripes, and the cheekiest little slip-on pumps ever...
There were audible gasps as ethereal ballet mistress Hermione Winterblossom made her entrance in this shimmering lemon silk and organza creation by Monsieur Patrick...

She's SO lovely!

Fleur Delamare and Idril Flowers preferred a bolder look. Fleur wore a crimson satin cocktail dress imported from her native Paris (but a spot of ironing would not have come amiss, Fleur!)

Petite Knottwood Ballet costume designer Idril appeared in her favourite violet raw silk gown with matching lace overcoat, designed by Teresa Herrera of Loony Knoll (who doesn't only grow spectacular rare flowers!)

The younger crowd preferred a more abbreviated fashion statement. We're not quite sure what look Noreen Nizhoni was going for - Arabian Knights with a hint o' Goth? - but we have to admit that (with the exception of that clunky belt) it works well for Noreen - and burgundy is definitely her colour!

Best friend Tamsin Edwards gleams and sparkles, a trendy vision in metallic gold from the top of her shiny hair to her saucy gold ankle boots!

Like daughter, like mother!

Classical harpist Leona Underfoot looks every bit as glamorous as daughter Bethany in this sparkling evening classic by Monsieur Patrick. Her timeless elegance is perfectly counterpointed by her trademark many-colored, spiky, multi-striped "do". (Only Leona could make this hairstyle look both rebellious and sophisticated!)
"Oh, don't photograph me in this old thing!" cried lovely Nancy Hanbro, as we caught her hurrying out of the hall to check up on missing daughter Isobel. Which, translated, could mean: "My hair's a mess!" "I've gained WEIGHT!" "I've got a spot on my nose", or all of the above. Whatever the reason for this indiscreet comment, it speedily made its way to Monsieur Patrick's ears, and the world-famous coutourier is said to be very offended with his formerly most-valued client...

She's SO lovely!


Dress was optional for Knottwood Castle's first major event, and not everyone chose to wear evening gowns or cocktail dresses. Fiona Hanbro, visiting from Tibet where she is a professional yak handler, admitted her outfit was "borrowed from everyone in the family... Isobel's sweater, Megan's dress, Cat's shoes", adding cheerily: "...For me, this is REALLY dressing up!"

Nadine Lindquist chose to wear a comfortable stretch two-piece outfit. "After my recent surgery, I just couldn't face the idea of constrictive evening wear," she laughingly admitted. But her two-piece hot pink outfit, suspiciously reminiscent of a skating costume, suited her perfectly!

One can't get more casual than Dr. Megan Hanbro Pinhead's sparkling ice white sweater and frosted sky-blue stretch pantsuit - but not only is her casual sporty outfit from Monsieur Patrick's new Sports Line as practical as the cheery doctor herself, it turns her into a vision of frost, snow and sky!

Her youthful mother Pearl Hanbro provides a glowing tribute to the virtues of a healthy diet and a lifetime of exercise - but Aunt Pearl, we've GOT to say this even if you withhold your dreamy pecan pie for the rest of our natural lives - that skirt is just way too SHORT for a woman your age!

And, uh, lose the sandals - they look like Lars Lindquist's!

Like daughter, like mother!

You'd never guess from the too-short jeans and uninspired t-shirt that Catriona Asmundsen is one of the richest women in the world; or that she is CEO of Brunix Aeronautics. Catriona, you look like you shop at thrift stores without looking at what you're throwing in your shopping basket. With your beauty, savvy and brains - shame on you!

Meanwhile, Knottwood hairstylist Tina Cutts gives the terms "neon" and "big hair" new meaning! But we LOVE your wild and wet-hot look anyway, Tina - even if you ARE wearing teenage pajama bottoms!

"Let's KILL him!" Uh, judging by the way these two towering Canadian cyborg policewomen are eyeing the camera, we'd better just say "Nice sweater, C. J... and those leather pants are... intimidating. "

And as for her mysterious friend Jet, well, she'll probably break both our legs if we look at those boots and go, "OOOOH la la, baby!"

But we hear she keeps that top up with double-sided sticky ta-

She's so sweet!

Lovely hostess Alicia White sheepishly admits that she had intended to wear a formal ball gown for the party, "...but there were just SO many last-minute details to attend to, I didn't even have time to change!"

Nevertheless, we love the mediaeval feel of her soft amethyst off-the-shoulder maternity top, and her unconventionally short pants are, well... just about as cute as she is!

Paramedic Gabriel da Gamba was the only male attendee of tonight's Knottwood Castle gala event to wear black tie, so we feel he deserves special mention. He was accompanied by lovely wife Lilith, owner of Lilith's Cafe and Lilith's Lilies flower shop.

The normally business-like Lilith appeared as a heavenly vision in a frosted lilac cocktail dress embroidered with tiny seed pearls and Swarovski crystals.

They win our award as best-dressed couple of the evening hands down!

VERY snazzy!
Certainly different!

And now for Knottwood's most uniquely dressed couple! Reclusive artist Peter Linsell surprised us all by appearing with startling Iris Peel (a.k.a. "Anguish") on his arm. We know she's not a vampire, because we were able to capture her image on film, but she almost beat out Varna Sorensen-Thorssen for sheer drama - and Jet for shiniest pleather.

We were stunned to find out she is Neville White's ex-girlfriend. Asked why they broke up, Anguish stated baldly: "I was so totally over my Maid Marian phase. It was mutual."

Celestia Skye and Cheryl Haney also chose to wear casual clothing. The lovely Celestia is as coordinated as ever in her neat little pink-print two-piece skirt and top, but frankly, we're disappointed. We're used to the statuesque blonde in more sophisticated attire.

On the other hand, we don't know how Cheryl Haney does it! This busy stay-at-home mother of three appears younger and more insouciant every time we see her! Her short print dress and trademark curls seem fresh and frivolous. Next to Cheryl, the normally svelte Celestia appears positively dowdy.

Pink, pink, pink!

However, NO one manages to outshine actress Varna Sorensen-Thorssen! She burst on the scene long after the last arrival, a blazing vision in emerald satin, black lace and feathers. Monsieur Patrick calls the gown he designed especially for the ball "my most EXACTING creation!" - and her stunning corsage of peacock feathers, English ivy and a single rare dendrobium orchid, was designed by world-famous botanist Teresa Herrera herself, the orchid carefully culled from Teresa's own private hothouse not two hours before, and rushed by Lear jet (courtesy of good friend Piers Bosnan) from Loony Knoll nurseries, Canada!

In addition to her stunning gown and corsage, Varna appeared overcome when husband Per presented her with a spectacular DeBeers diamond from the Victory mine in Northern Ontario, Canada. For insurance reasons, we are unable to ascertain the exact number of karats, but judging by the size, that number is impressive!

Varna admits there is a down side to the surprise anniversary gift:  "If only I'd known my gift was a diamond, I would NEVER have worn these frivolous little citrine earrings!"


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