Isobel & Belinda's Great EscapeAdventure

On the infamous day that Isobel Hanbro and Belinda Edwards went MISSING - just as their friends and family were about to give up the search in DESPAIR - we find the two girls merrily leaving the nearby town of Bestchester with their loot... and a handful of small bills and CHANGE...
I can't believe they spent ALL that MONEY!

Ooooh, the little devils!

They've NO idea that they have ALREADY been missed...

BAD Isobel!

I don't BELIEVE this..

It goes without saying that both girls were enjoying themselves HUGELY...
SO irresponsible!

(Somehow I don't think the *searchers* are having as much fun...)

I hope they remember to *SHUT THE GATE!*

Er... That's not the TRAIL, girls...

Hope they don't fall in the SWAMP...

Er... isn't leaving the trails a bit *risky*?

How *spooky*.. Ooooooh...
What lurking terrors AWAIT our two RUNAWAYS within the murky depths of the Knottwood Everglades?

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