Errol the Barbarian

It ALL started at the DRESS REHEARSAL, when Doctor Megan was forced to give Errol some BAD NEWS....

Disappointing news at the Dress Rehearsal

Oh dear... Errol is NOT taking it well...
Errol does NOT take it well at ALL!

Doctor Megan sticks to her guns!
Doctor Megan is ADAMANT!

BUT.. as Buddy Jim says, ya can't keep a good man down!
However, you can't keep a good man down!

"A kiss for the BRIDE..."
Everyone who thinks `How SWEET...' in for a rude awakening!

WHAT is he DOING??

He's getting AWAY!

The bride cries piteously for help (well, when she's not too busy GIGGLING...)

Everyone seems paralyzed with SHOCK!

Thank HEAVENS for C. J. McLeod!

Neville firmly retrieves his bride...

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