Errol Stanley Ryder

Errol in the Peeple Magazine office...
Errol Stanley Ryder hails from Louisiana, and is yet another distant cousin of Buddy Jim Hanbro, but as he points out, he is not from Frogspit. Upon graduating from West Point Academy, he spent almost nine years as a covert military photojournalist for Ultra Corps. However, serious wounds suffered during an arctic expedition forced him to look for a new career. Not for Errol, life in the military behind a desk. "If I'm going to be stuck behind a desk, walking on crutches for the rest of my life, I want an EXCITING job," he stated firmly. Upon accepting the position of editor to prestigious Peeple Magazine, Errol was thrilled to be able to move to Knottwood, where he renewed his childhood ties with cousin Buddy Jim, and quickly made friends with everyone else.

He is currently dating Tamsin Edwards, who like him, is a MENSA graduate (meaning their combined IQ's are higher than Lars' Lindquist's bank balance!)

Name: Errol Stanley Ryder
Job: Executive Editor, Peeple Magazine
Marital Status: Single
Loves: Excitement, interesting people, Buddy Jim's cooking, Nancy's baking, action movies with lots of explosions, weekend camping trips with thuh boys, crossword puzzles, quantum physics
Hates: Pretentious people, heavy perfume, physiotherapy, earwigs, Don Haney's campfire baked beans (he turns 'em to MUSH!), doctors (except for Doc Megan) and yappy little dogs.
Pet Peeves: People who call me "Dear" because I walk funny
Special Interests: Marine biology, chess, spy novels, anthropology
Secret Ambition: To regain my former level of fitness

Errol in the wild!

With Tamsin and Michael at the lake...

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