Emily-Amelie's Sudden Relapse Adventure - Part Two

Now, everyone readily admits that Tina Cutts did come upstairs once or twice to CHECK on Emily-Amelie...

Tina doesn't know about the requested TRIM!

But in the end, the LURE of the scissors...


"ALL done!"
Mary Kate gets a SHOCK!

(Quels horreurs!)!

Now, temper, temper!

Mary-Kate tries to LEAVE...
That's right - RUB it in, Emmy!

Words fail Mary Kate!

Adding insult to injury!

Nancy is wise!

...So adventurous (and perhaps a tad over-optimistic) CHERYL HANEY takes Nancy's place...
Cheryl is NOT!

TWO SECONDS LATER, Cheryl finds herself firmly trussed up - and ruthlessly tied to the chair!
Oh dear!  Full-blown regression!

...with a little Torture on the Side...

(I don't think that's going to WORK, Cheryl!)


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