Isobel's Changing Spaces  Adventure 2

With Hildi out of the way, the children are on a creative ROLL...
We AGREE about those FLOWERS!

Suddenly Michael makes a DISCOVERY!
Wow, COOL...

Hope they can LIFT them!
Looks amazingly good!

Wow!  Michael has such FLAIR!

"That old BOOT is the PERFECT spot for those scraggly flowers!"

Hildi gets a SHOCK when she returns from a LONNNG, soooothing lunch...

What's Michael been up to NOW?


Keep reading if you want to know where to get this poster!
(Poster from  Hans Claesson Wallpapers and Graphics.  Used with permission.)
Hildi is NOT amused!

POOR Hildi!

Isobel likes living DANGEROUSLY...

I don't think this is a success...

WHAT a little monkey she is!
(Onwards if you think you can handle the REALLY shocking Outtakes!)

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Actually, (FEAR OF THE SPONGE is just ONE of the amazingly cool Iron Maiden Spongebob wallpapers that Michael and Isobel discovered at Kebawe. Go there to check out more wallpaper, flash, graphics, comics, mp3, and software.)