P.C. Donald Haney

P. C. Donald Haney Officer Donald Haney is Knottwood born and bred. Raised by his maternal grandmother, he very soon graduated at the top of his class from London Police Academy and was awarded a prestigious position in the Bestchester Metropolitan Criminal Investigation Division. However, after six years and several well-deserved promotions, he eagerly gave it all up when a position as village policeman became available in Knottwood. "It's the best village in the Universe," he enthuses. "And a wonderful place in which to bring up Alan, Rose, Teresa - and my wife Cheryl!"

Name: Donald Peter Haney
Job: Police Constable First Class, Knottwood Division
Spouse: Cheryl
Children: Alan, Rose and Teresa
Pets: I have a cat, Jester, and a dog, Topper - but he's not a pet, he's a highly-trained police dog!
Loves: Helping people (especially old people and children); soccer, football, hockey, swimming, fishing, darts, long walks with Topper, Buddy Jim's famous barbecues, crisps and beer
Hates: Mess, chaos, Isobel Hanbro's rap music and really old plum cake kept in tins and brought out once a year (or when policemen rescue and/or find cats, small dogs and false teeth).
Pet Peeves: When I have to arrest my wife Cheryl, which happens about twice a month. Sigh...
Special Interests: Playing on the Bestchester Police Hockey League, playing in darts tournaments at the Magna Carta
Secret Ambition: To read the Sunday paper ONCE from end to end in peace and QUIET, without being hit on the head by flying toys, food, animals or underwear.

Don with new partner, Det. C. J. McLeod

With Michael...

Cheryl after her accident

My broken ankle!

Cheryl was VERY upset!

...But I DID enjoy a bit of pampering, for a change...

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