Sir Donald's Knightly Fighting Adventure

Well, here's the FIRST of our Knightly Outdoor Fighting Adventures. Officer Don says we "might as well get it over with", adding that by now all of Knottwood knows about his shameful defeat at the hands of Michael of the Purple Flame. "It won't surprise ANYone," he sighs ruefully. "Small children now shoot peas at me in the street. The Lindquist triplets lobbed a barrage of tomatoes over their garden wall and knocked off my hat as I bicycled by. Somebody ELSE wrote "Offiser Don is big fat selfhish meeny who ride like a sak of poop" on the wall of Knottwood Police Station - And old Mrs. Violet Goat, my most fervent admirer, not only told me I was Not Allowed to rescue her cat from the roof anymore, but that all helpings of her famous plum cake would Permanently Cease."

We just CAN'T understand why he seems so darned CHEERFUL about it!

Sir Donald can't WAIT for his turn to fight!
Donald eyes the competition...

Full of confidence and poise, he enters the ring...
...And rides confidently onto the battlefield...

Don can't WAIT to fight!

My, doesn't he look NOBLE...

Don has a NASTY shock!
"Oh NO! I'm facing Michael of the Purple FLAME!"

He comes up with a desperate strategy...
"Only one thing FOR it... Must... keep...circling!"

"Oh NO - he's GAINING on me!..."
Looks like Don's in TROUBLE...

RUN, Donald!  RUN!


BIIIG mistake, Don!

Something WHISTLES past Sir Donald's ears!

The PURPLE FLAME lives up to it's NAME!
Whew!  THAT was close!

"Officer Don, are you OKAY?..."

Apparently NOT...

Oh, the SHAME!

Sir Donald limps off the field with what dignity he can muster...
UTTERLY disgraced!

...RIGHT past his cheering wife, Cheryl!
Whew!  THAT was close!
"THAT'll larn ya, Mr. You-Don't-Match-My-COSTUME!"

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