The Fifth Annual Knottwood Christmas Party Adventure

All is calm, and people are just getting comfortable again when a sharp noise from the minstrel's gallery startles everyone into looking upwards...
What can be HAPPENING?

The guests can't believe their EYES!
Who can it BE?

Someone's rappelling DOWN!

Ohmigosh! It's celebrated actor, Piers Bosnan - rappelling down without a harness or a SAFETY NET!

That looks like famous actor, PIERS BOSNAN!

He accomplishes this as smoothly as he accomplishes everything ELSE...
...Good grief, it IS!)

Varna is shocked into SILENCE!
What IS he UP to?

Well!  THIS is a surprise!

Before the debonaire actor can deliver his package, however, another figure drops down from the balcony, barring Piers' way!
She's got a *SWORD!*

It is Asuka Moriyama, Piers Bosnan's resident martial arts coach!
My, she looks confident!

With a bloodcurdling YELL, she rushes to ATTACK!
Oh NO!

The two put on a WONDERFUL mock-battle!
But Piers is UNARMED...



Ouch!  That looked REAL!

Goodness, RIGHT over their HEADS!

WHAT a smoothie!

Show off!

The battle continues...


WHAT a leap!

...And she's DOWN!

Asuka "dies" artistically!
THAT was fun!

Varna is THRILLED!

The big moment!

What IS inside?!


They're *STAGGERINGLY* beautiful!

Varna is OVERCOME!

"They're both FIRST EDITION Canadian DeBeer's diamonds from the Victory mine - complete with certificate of authenticity! Joe from LOONY KNOLL works there... He PICKED them for me, after I wrote to him and Bethany's twin sister, BRIANNA - but I paid for them, from my SAVINGS..."

Per explains...
Thank HEAVENS she's HAPPY!

What IS she DOING?


(Piers Bosnan came to us courtesy of JANE from Maresnest.  Jane, thank you SO much
for recommending Knottwood to Piers as a PERFECT place to settle!)

Special Thanks to TERESA from Loony Knoll for finding Piers his fabulous martial arts coach
Thanks also to TERESA for the Guest Appearance of Joe and Brianna!

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