The Fifth Annual Knottwood Christmas Party Adventure

Per Gunnar Thorssen's little joke has BACKFIRED! A leopard-print flannel nightdress, Muff n' Stuff mug, fuzzy slippers and a hot water bottle are NOT what Varna Sorensen-Thorssen had in mind as a suitable first anniversary gift! As the distraught starlet gives vent to a full-blown tantrum, everyone fears the WORST...
How utterly *DISGRACEFUL!*

Well, everyone but PER, it seems...
FOOLISH mortal...

...that is... until it's too LATE!
(POOR Per..)

The enraged star of stage and screen tramples his gift into the ground!
Varna, *STOP!*

When Varna stops to heave a breath or two, her husband is foolishly optimistic...
The calm before the storm?

She's only just getting STARTED!

Whoever would have thought being flailed with a flannel nightie could HURT so much?
What's THIS?

But Varna doesn't stop THERE!


*WHAT* the-?!

I don't BELIEVE that woman!

WHAT a whuppin'!

POOR man...

Well, I *NEVER!*

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