"Welcome to part TWO of Mostly Haunted.  Ghostly footsteps... sinister orbs... a weeping lady betrayed by the one man who should have PROTECTED and CHERISHED her...  Will Knottwood Castle give up its secrets after five hundred years, and will the weeping lady finally find REST?  Little did we know that we were ALL about to find out..."
DEREK has arrived!


The moment of TRUTH...

"Let me show you to the KITCHEN, our most haunted ROOM..."
Michael is VERY excited!

"Hmmm... LOOKS peaceful enough..."
What a PEACEFUL place...

... but within SECONDS there is a rapid drop in temperature... and the atmosphere changes...
A sudden CHILL!

A NOISE from the FRIDGE!

Derek senses a bizarre Presence...

Is that *MICHAEL* in the shadows???

Now STOP that, Mikey!

Suddenly Derek picks up a disturbing entity!
Who COULD it BE???

Yvette and Katherine are on TENTERHOOKS...

Katherine almost explodes into giggles!

What's SHE doing here????
"Will we see MORE of the little girl who lost her life so tragically? Will Knottwood Castle yield up more disturbing secrets?  Stay tuned for PART THREE of... Mostly Haunted!"

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