Cheryl and family...

Cheryl Louise Haney

Name: Cheryl Louise Haney
Job: Very Tall House Elf
Spouse: That, ummm, policeman whose name I've forgotten.
Children: Alan, Rose and Teresa
Pets: Lightning (horse), Rodrigo (pony), Topper (dog), Jester (cat)
Loves: Horses, children, going down slides, throwing snowballs, cartoons, being in the barn, hanging out with my riding buddy Isobel. And did I mention horses?
Hates: Don spending ALL his time with his police buddies at the Secret Police Pub. Being told that I'm "a child" and "disorganized" and "a scatterbrain". When Topper steals from my rubber ducky collection.
Pet Peeves: Don cataloguing all his pairs of socks and making me arrange them according to colour. (It seems a bit pointless when all his socks are NAVY, don't you think?)
Special Interests: Robbing banks (JUST kidding, Don!)
Secret Ambition: "Let's just say it involves pirate hats, ropes, a parrot, Don, a cannon, and a large quantity of whipped cream."

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