Cheryl Haney

Cheryl and family... Cheryl Louise Gatecrasher was recruited for Knottwood Ballet by new ballet mistress, Hermione Winterblossom. She danced with the ballet until a nasty broken ankle forced her to retire. Fortunately by this time, she had met and married local policeman Donald Haney, and now spends her days playing with their three children and a variety of horses and ponies.

Name: Cheryl Louise Haney
Spouse: Donald
Children: Alan, Rose and Teresa
Pets: Lightning (horse), Rodrigo (pony), Jester (cat)
Loves: Horses, riding, children, going down slides, cartoons, collecting rubber duckies, being in the barn, making people laugh
Hates: Housework, cooking; when Topper steals ducks from my rubber ducky collection
Pet Peeves: I'll think of some eventually. Oh yes! - Don being SUCH a neatness freak! And when he watches football all afternoon on a Saturday. And when he lectures me about Topper being a Police Dog, not a pet. AND when he makes me pick up my toys...
Special Interests: Watching Teletubbies and Rupert, robbing banks (JUST kidding, Don!)
Secret Ambition: Let's just say it involves pirate hats, ropes, a parrot, and a large quantity of whipped cream.

Don and Cheryl's first picnic!

Cheryl with her beloved horse, Lightning
"This is me with Lightning, my horse. He is my best buddy!"

Cheryl with Isobel Hanbro
"Isobel and me. I board Lightning in the Hanbro barn, and Izzy and I are total horse buddies!"

Cheryl and Don with Alan
"Don and me with Alan at the Knottwood Christmas Party. I was expecting Rose then!"

Cheryl and Don with Rose
"Don and me with Rose. I was expecting Teresa. (We were actually discussing names when Alan took that snapshot!)"

Cheryl and Don
"Me in the days when I still had a FIGURE! Don is wearing baggy shorts and sandals because he'd just got
HIS cast off! (Yes, he went and broke HIS ankle - the day I got my cast off!"

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