The Fifth Annual Knottwood Christmas Party Adventure

By the time night has fallen, Knottwood Castle is abuzz with happy chaos... and still guests keep arriving for the FIFTH Annual Knottwood Christmas Party!
Oh NO!  Looks like little ANDRAIA bites kneecaps, too!

Host Neville White is run off his feet, making sure everyone has enough to eat and drink!
Alan? *SHY?*  Wow, HE'S changed!

It is a time for meaningful conversations, and catching up with old friends...
(Buddy Jim is SUCH a good father!)

...a time for GIFTS...
*Ugh!  Yuck!*

...and a time for Officer Donald Haney to WORK, unfortunately...
WHAT is she up to NOW?

...though MOST disturbances prove to be minor...

And it is also a time for magical moments...
What's THIS?


A sudden hush falls over the hall... except for Errol's soft voice...

*WHAT* the-?!

WHAT an EGO...

Everyone is distracted by the starlet's dramatic entrance!
WHAT an entrance!

(Oh dear!)


I don't BELIEVE this!

WHAT is she planning NOW?

Her sister Lilith does not hesitate to speak up, and say what everyone is THINKING...
Varna is about as sensitive as a rock!

Varna sweeps enthusiastically onwards...
What a diva!

What a SHOW-OFF!


A *what?*...

He has to be SUICIDAL!

It's getting worse and WORSE!

Oh that NAUGHTY Per!



Will Varna spontaneously COMBUST? Will Per LIVE? The answer coming as SOON as she finishes her TANTRUM... (And we WARN you, she's only just BEGUN)...

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