Neville and Alicia's Castle Adventure

Neville and Alicia had the most WONDERFUL long honeymoon in Bermuda, but they were VERY glad to get home to the old castle they had bought and were renovating, a tiny bit at a time...

A welcome sight!

The newlyweds get a pleasant surprise!

KATHERINE is responsible!
"That would be ME, Katherine!"

She's worked SO hard!
"I made the fireplace MYSELF! AND bought or made the paintings and accessories..."

...And the painting slides UP to reveal a FLAT SCREEN TV!
WOW!  That's a clever gadget!

...Neville is almost SPEECHLESS!

"The FLOWERS came from Lilith's Lilies, of course..."
And we MUSTN'T forget the WONDERFUL flowers!

The newlyweds can hardly BELIEVE so much luxury!

EVERYONE is happy!

ESPECIALLY about Katherine's PAINTING!

"...A fabulous FRESCO on the CEILING!"
...A fabulous FRESCO on the CEILING!

"What a WONDERFUL homecoming!"
What a WONDERFUL homecoming!
Home, sweet HOME!

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