Per & Varna's Backwoods Adventure

 Oh my STARS! I don't BELIEVE it - Varna Sorensen-Thorssen wearing NO MAKEUP?  And her HAIR is almost... messy...
She looks so... *RELAXED*...

"It's absolutely adorable - and so COZY!"
It looks OLD...

"That's our comfy BED, right beside the window - with a basket of home-made pot-pourri from Teresa's FLOWERS!"
(Teresa *exclusively* supplies Lilith's Lilies too!)

"It's hidden deep in the woods. The path is marked only by a little birdhouse painted with red maple leaves..."


"Outside the front door is a little broom to sweep the deck with - and the very same snowshoes that Per taught me to SNOWSHOE on, during our HONEYMOON last winter!"

My, how CANADIAN...

"The door handle is made out of a real WILLOW twig!"
Hope nobody falls IN...

"And there's an antique carpet beater for Per to clean the hand-woven rag RUGS with..."

Hmmm... so PER'S doing the housework, eh?

"There are quaint little carved wooden ornaments and interesting twigs hiding in odd corners. They look like PART of the cabin..."
How charming!

"And Teresa, the owner, is going to teach me how to weave baskets out of dogwood and willow, just like SHE does!"

How TALENTED Teresa is!

That sounds SO much fun!

Private... washroom?

"Uh,Varna? About that private, er, bathroom..."
RUN, Per! *RUNNNN!*...
(Let's put our EARPLUGS in, and Tactfully go see how everyone else is doing...)

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