Inspector Don's Double Vision Adventure

SPRING has finally sprung in Knottwood Forest. But what is Santa's REINDEER doing, wandering its peaceful pastoral paths on a hot April day?

Santa's Reindeer in SPRING?

Isobel and Belinda up to MISCHIEF again!


Meanwhile, coming the other WAY...
Inspector Don spots SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY!

Inspector Don spots SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY!

Belinda is NOT her normal calm SELF!

Isobel is not discomposed at ALL...

Inspector Don behaves predictably...
ALWAYS suspicious...

Oh dear... cheeking a POLICEMAN!

Well, they LOOK like birthday presents...!

Is that parcel MOVING?


Belinda makes an Executive Decision!

The little MONKEYS!

They find themselves confronted with an IMMOVABLE OBJECT...
Inspector Don is not so EASILY fooled!

Inspector Don SOON has the ribbons untied...
They DO look guilty!

He gets the SHOCK of his LIFE!
WHAT????... WHAT???

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Belinda's PARTY DRESS knotwork by KATHERINE

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