Buddy Jim and Nancy's Wedding!

Beautiful Nancy... On the very first day that new Head Ranger Buddy Jim Hanbro came from Louisiana to Knottwood to take over the management of Knottwood Everglades National Park, an unexpected event occurred that would change his life forever! Good friend and ex-army colleague Bethany Underfoot (now principal dancer with the Knottwood Ballet Company) introduced him to fellow ballerina/ex-figure skater, Nancy Degas. Normally a robust and celebrated ladies' man with the smoothest of tongues and the easiest manner, the former Ultra Corps marine sergeant and swamp scout was noticeably smitten by the gentle, reserved Nancy. He managed to stammer something in which white magnolia blossoms inexplicably got mixed with bumps on a pickle before a sharp smack from the highly-amused Bethany recalled him to his senses. (Fortunately, Nancy was too busy blushing to notice).

Nancy and Buddy Jim had their first date that very night - dinner and dancing at The Golden Apple - and Buddy Jim later confessed to Bethany that the moment Nancy opened her door to him looking like a heavenly vision in an ethereal sky-blue dress, he just KNEW he was going to marry her!

Most fortunately for Buddy Jim's plans, halfway through Chateaubriand for Two (with bearnaise sauce), Nancy decided she felt the same way about Jim.

It is universally acknowledged that the two may possibly be the most well-matched and devoted couple in Knottwood!

The bridesmaids are so happy for the couple!

Buddy Jim can't believe how lovely Nancy looks!

The long walk down the aisle is over...

They do!

The wedding kiss!

The touching ceremony had a big effect on the guests...

Presenting Mr. and Mrs. James Ares Hanbro!

Father Joe thinks he has never seen a finer and more <i>elegant</i> couple!

Good thing he didn't see Nancy at her bridal shower, the night before... Good thing he didn't see Nancy at her bridal shower, the night before...

(FINALLY we've added some snapshots of their honeymoon...)

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