Bill's Nasty Surprise Adventure Adventure

Okay... Let's try this Adventure AGAIN
You know what they Say... Pride goes before a Fall, etc...

Little does poor BILL know that TROUBLE is rapidly approaching...
What on EARTH is NANCY upset about?

Nancy is NOT in the mood to listen to Isobel's PLEADING...
Poor Bill!

NOW what's happening?

POOOR, poor Bill...


I don't believe she DID it!

What CAN he have *DONE*?

He's really in TROUBLE...

Now HOLD on a minute!-


WHAT is going ON?

I wish somebody would *explain*...


"...he WOULDN'T.  I cried my EYES out for TEN WHOLE MINUTES, but ol' Bill was absolutely HEARTLESS!"

SO careless!

"...And then Baby-Bel had her GREAT IDEA..."
GOOD one, Belinda!

"...Took a while to talk me INTO it..."
Nice work, you two!

"...But finally I realized that would, uh, work just as WELL..."
(The little monkeys!)

Nancy is *flabbergasted!*

Well, whaddaya KNOW...

Well, whaddaya KNOW...

POOR Nancy!

POOR Isobel!

POOR, poor Nancy!

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VERY Special Thanks to Derek Mah for Colin Eight's Captain Hoop comic book
and also to Richard A. Harnett for lending us the photo of Belinda's Aunt Elizabeth.