It's finally time to set off! Hermione brings the dog sled round, their gear is loaded, Varna is strapped into it (minus Per's Knottwood Park Ranger hat), and they are ready to set off for the Arctic... to find the frozen remains of the Mongolian Mummy!
This is IT!

"...The LAST SNOWMAN before the Frozen North!"
Made by Emily-Amelie, age 3!

All too soon it is time...

...except possibly yaks...

Hermione's magic spell WORKS! They are instantly Transported!
Whoooooa Nellie!

They're THERE!

They journey for hours, under the HARSHEST conditions...
This is REALLY dangerous!

Sudden DISASTER! Lead dog Rusty slides into an Unguessable Chasm!
Oh, POOOR Rusty!

They are all paralyzed with horror!
They are all *paralyzed* with horror!

To their relief, however, Per's experienced Rescue Dog climbs to safety!
Rusty's OKAY!

They scarcely have time to recover from THIS disaster when ANOTHER threat looms!
I must say, Varna's handling this well!

Suddenly Errol's subthermal locator starts to beep wildly!
At LAST! They are picking up READINGS!

Feverishly, they uncover their find...
This is *EERIE*...

There's something strange about this...
What could be *happening?*

A shocking realization dawns upon Errol Stanley Ryder!
WHO did you say it was?????

Michael, Per and Errol work frantically to free General Hanbro...
Good thing they brought RESCUE equipment!

The team needs every bit of scientific and medical knowledge that they possess!
Good thing Michael and Hermione are with the expedition!

As they wrap him in blankets and strap him to the dogsled, Errol explains...
What a tragedy that was!

Oh, the tragedy...

Errol makes a promise!
WHAT an unexpected twist!

Stay tuned for our THRILLING CONCLUSION to this MOST unexpected Adventure!

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