Megan and Joe's Wedding Reception!

It wasn't just the Knottwood inhabitants who had a great time at Dr. Megan and P.C. Joe's recent wedding. Katherine, Michael and Emmy had fun too! For one thing, afterwards there was cake and ice cream (as well as biscuits); and it was Emily-Amelie's very first EVER Knottwood wedding! Michael taught her how to blow magic bubbles....

Those bubbles are special!


...which REALLY came in handy for the WEDDING CEREMONY!
Yes, Emmy helped blow the wedding bubbles!

Fortunately, NO one had to teach her how to eat CAKE!...
That was GOOD!

Though we DID have a little talk about manners...
NO cake will escape!*

...and about pinching biscuits RIGHT in the middle of the WEDDING CEREMONY!
What thuh HECK?-

The cake itself was REAL chocolate,with layers of creamy frosting - AND magic sprinkles!
WOW, what a *CAKE!*

We have to admit, even DR. MEGAN got a little carried away over it...
Good thing her MOTHER was there!

Good thing the Hanbros had SEPARATE cakes made for Kath, Mike and Emmy!
(Katherine adores chocolate TOO!)

As well as lots of Pomegranate Swirl Ice Cream!

Though some people (like Megan and Emmy) focussed only on the chocolate...
Yes, she DID want more...

The children did have their own, unique way of working off all those SWEETS...
Good idea, Emily!

Looks like FUN!

A Double Bubble!

Mike the Bubble Master!

Emmy likes BURSTING them!

There were those among the Knottwood inhabitants who DEARLY wished they were outside blowing bubbles too!

How NICE of Buddy Jim to dance with his mother!

...But they WEREN'T.
So she SHOULD be! Ooooooh...
(WOW! Errol Stanley Ryder has finished the WEDDING ALBUM already!)

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