2009 8th Annual
Fashion Spread


xclusive Knottwood Designer Monsieur Patrick of Coldwater REALLY outdid himself this year, as we can see from these delicate rose pink classic evening gowns worn by police woman Cari McLeod (L) and ever-ethereal ex-ballerina, Alicia White (R)...

CJ and Alicia in Pink..

Ageing figure skater Nancy Hanbro (R) was reportedly not happy when - once again - stunning Bethany Underfoot (L) picked a SIMILAR “Monsieur Patrick” gown this year. Although the color of each underdress is subtly different, both form-fitting gowns sported black lace overlays over heavy satin...

Bethany and Nancy in lace over dark wine colors..

...In fact, after Nancy refused to co-operate and flounced out of the hall, we were forced to re-pair Bethany with Dr. Megan Hanbro-Pinhead, Nancy's sister-in-law - a veritable vision in this fun, flirty and practical number in raw russet-accented silk and taffeta.

Bethany and Dr. Megan..

Lovely choreographer Hermione Winterblossom (L) and director Celestia Skye (R) of the renowned Knottwood Ballet Company both opted for strong colors and patterns - a bold gamble that worked out well for both!

Hermione and Celestia..

We had a hard time persuading Jet McLeod (L) and Rosalinda Reyes-Alvarez to stop flamenco dancing long enough to let us photograph their gowns! Jet shamelessly admitted borrowing this Loony Knoll creation in midnight velvet from Iris “Anguish” Peel, while Rosalinda stuck faithfully to Monsieur Patrick with this bold satin-and-stripes number...

Jet and Rosalinda..

Elegant grandmother Pearl Hanbro dressed up this classic, plain Monsieur Patrick gown with a saucy little sweater she freely admitted was borrowed from granddaughter Isobel... while Iris “Anguish” Peel presented a trendy but slightly scary vision in matching green silk. We commend her for venturing to the very edge of Gothic and slightly beyond (for once) - but Anguish, that green hair really doesn't suit your sallow skin tones OR do justice to Monsieur Patrick's gown!

Grandma Pearl and Anguish..

Actress Varna Sorensen-Thorssen struck a perfect balance between outrageous elegance and bold flamboyance in this grass green, form-hugging creation accented with daffodil yellow. Once we persuaded Varna to take out her smoke-green contact lenses and reveal her own genuine forget-me-not blue eyes, she presented a vision of dazzling PERFECTION! (Dare we say it? - Only VARNA could carry off an outfit this chic!)

Varna Sorensen-Thorssen..

Alas - thanks to problems with our light meter that you have no doubt already noticed, the formal shots we took of striking Nadine Sherwood-Lindquist did not turn out - but thanks to Katherine, we can offer you this TANTALIZING GLIMPSE of her stunning “Monsieur Patrick” Prussian blue evening ensemble in motion. (It has matching Prussian blue high heels!)

Nadine Sherwood-Lindquist..

But the BELLE OF THE BALL was undoubtedly lovely, best-selling author Cheryl Louise Haney, a vision in this soft chiffon starry creation, in which Monsieur Patrick excelled himself with a perfect marriage of delicate spring green and early-morning-sunshine gold!

Cheryl Haney..

Inspector Donald Haney is said to be VERY PROUD of his best-selling author wife!

Cheryl Haney..

And now there's really nothing left to say about this year's Annual Knottwood Christmas Party... except, of course, goodbye...

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