The Sixth Annual Knottwood Christmas Very Naughty Elf Adventure

While all this CHAOS is going on, only EMILY-AMELIE hears Alicia's pink cell phone ringing in the store room, next door!
So THAT'S why he's late

Only Nadine, sitting by the door, hears her small voice...
Good old Nadine!

Several minutes later (and not a moment too SOON!)...
This is IT!


While it's a Knottwood Tradition that Santa's SLEIGH arrives at the party EVERY year (with a different reindeer,) this is the first time EVER that jolly old Saint Nicholas himself has brought the presents!
How exciting!

Oh dear!

Oh dear!

BELINDA's Christmasy fur-trimmed red DRESS quickly gets her elected as Santa's Elf for the night...
Oh dear!

She quickly has even the most rambunctious tots under control!
What IS the matter with little Rose Haney?

Ah.  Child psychology.
(We prefer to think of it as Bribery...)

The older ones inevitably prove to be more of a CHALLENGE...

What a twit he is!

Almost EVERYONE agrees that, on the whole, Belinda-as-elf is doing a SUPERB job!
Wonder what it IS?

Wonder what it IS?

...That is... until the LAST and BIGGEST present. Turns out that Belinda has purposely kept it till SANTA has headed off to the kitchen for milk and cookies!


Horace is ABSOLUTELY overcome with emotion!
(Me too, Rosalinda!)

Yes. In all the confusion, no one NOTICED Horace hadn't been Arrested along with the pirates!

I smell TROUBLE...

Quick-witted Bethany doesn't WAIT for Horace to OPEN it...
She knows Isobel SO well!

I think I'm going to FAINT!....
(We hope he doesn't...)

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Horaces STUNNING club (literally) by Knottwood's OFFICIAL BLACKSMITH, INTENTS, Smith of the West
HORACE THE TROLL Courtesy of Our Buddy in Tulsa
Bethany's Champagne Courtesy of TERESA of Loony Knoll