As the afternoon turned to evening, STILL there was no sign of Katherine or Michael. In an effort to distract the children, wizard Fleur treated the Knottwood folks to a special magical screening of The Return of the King...
(...The *EXTENDED* version!)

Just as the light was fading, however (and Buddy Jim was organizing a SEARCH PARTY!) WHO should arrive at LAST?... Yes! Michael and KATHERINE...       

The feast began straight away...
WHAT an afternoon it's been!

THAT boy!

Big potential OUCH coming right up!

...followed by the PRESENTS!
Now Michael - DON'T tease little Alan!

...Though we must admit Michael had a novel way of DELIVERING them!
NOT on the *head*, Michael!

Lars has a Brilliant Suggestion!

And to THINK Per gave Fleur perfume and a diamond PENDANT...

Then Katherine notice's Isobel's SCARF...

She takes it carefully off...


We don't believe a WORD of it, Isobel!

Then Michael makes a WONDERFUL discovery!

What a GREAT Party!

WHAT a *haul!*
SO much *STUFF!*

...and it's REALLY COOL!

You're a good DETECTIVE, Michael!

Wow, that's some HAT, Neville!

Isobel sums it up VERY well!

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