This year's party seemed MUCH more chaotic than last year's, but everyone had a LOT of fun. Bubbly, outgoing Cheryl Haney saw to that!
Poor Alicia is feeling very sad...

Wonder who the new chap is?

Katherine is HAPPY to introduce them!
Neville gets a pleasant surprise!

Alicia is surprised to find herself chatting away to Neville so easily!
BOTH love mediaeval history!

Before she can blink, she has a DATE!
...Everyone is happy (except Officer Don)...

Meanwhile, no one knows what mischief MICHAEL is up to...
Hmmm... THEY look *mischievous*...

...But he and Harry are definitely up to SOMETHING...
Who on EARTH gave Isobel a weapon like THAT???

Katherine and Michael got presents TOO!
Katherine LOVES arts and crafts!

WhoEVER gave thuh boy THOSE??? Oops...

In fact, EVERYONE got a present (except for poor CHERYL)...
Everyone feels SO sorry for poor Cheryl... Oops...

Donner the reindeer had a lovely munch on the Christmas tree!
HOPE Dasher doesn't get TUMMY ACHE!

...and Neville turned out to be a real SWEETIE!
What a LUCKY puppy dog!

...And then there were MORE presents!
WHAT a party!

EVERYONE agreed the gifts were WONDERFUL!
SO many presents!

Buddy Jim got a PARTICULARLY exciting package from Loony Knoll!
(Wow, all the way from Loony Knoll!) Wow!

Buddy Jim is *ECSTATIC!*

In SPITE of all the chaos, the party was a smash SUCCESS!
...AND he has the last word!

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