Monsieur Patrick’s
Spring Gown Collection


e thought you might like to see an excerpt from PEEPLE Magazine - featuring (mostly) our own fabulous Monsieur Patrick's even more fabulous SPRING GOWN collection - many examples of which were seen at the recent ART EXHIBITION opening! (The one exception? Renegade ISOBEL P. HANBRO actually wore a creation from Mattel!)

Isobel's going WHERE?

ISOBEL HANBRO (left) in the infamous peach Mattel gown. Beside her (and almost SUBMERGED by all that frou-frou ostrich feather and train), best friend BELINDA EDWARDS sports a daringly edgy Monsieur Patrick black cocktail dress and matching evening gloves…

Isobel in peach satin

CLOSE UP of Isobel in her classic Mattel peach satin “movie star” evening gown. It has almost a 1940’s feel. (And Isobel assures us - the pearls are REAL!)…

Belinda in basic black lace

In CONTRAST, best friend BELINDA EDWARDS went for a current look by matching a cheeky pair of lime green shoes and hair ornament with Monsieur Patrick’s daringly original off-the-shoulder basic black cocktail dress, overlaid in lace. A matching purse and a collection of Goth pendants completes the edgiest outfit of the evening

Cheryl Haney in pink gown

Busy mother of three CHERYL HANEY went for elegant, understated simplicity with this blush pink Monsieur Patrick form-fitting sheath, discreetly dusted with sparkling zircons. (Former ballerina Cheryl is the wife of Knottwood’s Police Inspector Donald Haney)

Nancy Hanbro in green gown

Famed pairs figure skater NANCY HANBRO - once out of favour with Monsieur Patrick after a tactless comment at the 2006 Christmas Party - was very obviously back IN favour again, wearing this shimmering green metallic creation (with matching clutch purse and satin stole) “It was all a silly misunderstanding,” blushes Nancy.

Bethany Underfoot in olive silk

She DID admit to being “a little put out”, however, when ballet company owner BETHANY UNDERFOOT appeared in a striking 2-piece evening ensemble of heavy olive silk and black brocade. The reason? Bethany’s outfit was almost the exact same shade of green worn by Nancy!

Varna Sorensen-Thorssen in flaming copper!

Everyone was immeasurably relieved when temperamental Norwegian actress VARNA SORENSEN-THORSSEN recovered enough from a truly MONUMENTAL tantrum to pose for the camera. Her flaming copper satin Monsieur Patrick evening ensemble was complimented by a matching stole - and the famous diamond choker bestowed upon her by doting husband Per Gunnar Thorssen.

(The bodice of the dress was decorated with shimmering embroidery in the EXACT COLOUR of Varna’s trademark fiery hair!)

Courtney Roberts in multi-coloured lace

The art show was also (briefly) graced by the presence of COURTNEY ROBERTS, international jewel thief. “Trouble Girl” promptly left after discovering the “jewels” in the exhibition were all replicas, but later admitted in a phone interview from Paris: “It wasn’t a total waste. I did get to wear my outrageous new Monsieur Patrick lilac, aqua and salmon brocade evening gown - with complimenting lilac clutch purse and evening gloves!”

Lady Charlotte Kinsella in cherry silk

However, our PICK OF THE EVENING goes to gallery owner, LADY “CHEVY” KINSELLA, the epitome of fashion in stamped scarlet silk with a hint o’ mink. (We didn’t dare ask if it was real or not!) She accented Monsieur Patrick's retro short cocktail dress with barely-there scarlet Italian leather sandals, a pearl and sapphire choker from Loony Knoll, and a nicely contrasting white-gold brocade purse…

Lady Charlotte Kinsella in cherry silk, sans mink stole...

And here is Lady Chevy without the stole. As you can see, the ruching on the bodice is particularly elegant...…

Nadine Sherwood in tangerine and black

Last but definitely not least - our lovely artist, NADINE SHERWOOD. Used to staying in the background as wife to larger-than-life pairs figure skater LARS LINDQUIST, this talented mother of five seized the limelight tonight in a striking black sheath skirt and tangerine peplum in shimmering taffeta…

We can HARDLY WAIT to see what Monsieur Patrick rustles up for the NEXT Knottwood Event!

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