Oslo Twins CLEANUP Adventure - Part Four

The infamous Oslo twins are WORN OUT after their night of wild escapades - and the narrowest of escapes from Emily-Amelie. Inspector Don has no trouble getting them back to Knottwood Police Station...
Oh.  Wait.  They DIDN'T escape from Emily-Amelie...

Good thing he DID!

Hey, girls - it's NOT a hotel...

The CHEEK of those girls!

GOOD for you, Inspector Don!

Brilliant deduction, Mary-Kate!


Wonder if he was ever in the ARMY?


(Wonder if they've ever DONE this before?)

No one is more surprised than the TWINS, when they find themselves hard at work
Will wonders never cease???

Ashley even cleans the TOILET!
I think I'm going to FAINT!


Hunger will make you do strange things!

It's from MacWHO?

(Hope they don't THROW it at him...)

Inspector Don just can't resist a policemanly bit of MORALIZING...
Yer PUSHIN' it, Don!

And Inspector Donald Peter Haney leaves them to enjoy their hard-earned lunch, secure in the knowledge that ORDER has been restored to Knottwood...
Well, thank heavens THAT'S all sorted out...


Oh dear...

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