Return of Inspector DON Adventure

Out of the frying pan into the fire! The infamous Oslo Twins have had their escape rudely curtailed by Emily-Amelie Hanbro, a very LARGE Small Child - with dollicidal tendencies!
Hmmm... certain similarities to cartoon character Elmyra?

But then their large Tiny Captor utters words that chill both twins to the MARROW!

POOR Mary-Kate!


POOR Ashley!

Oh Horrors!

Will this nightmare never END?

Poor Ashley is impelled to utter the Eternal Cry of every person of plastic since time immemorial...
(They look PRETTY grubby, too!)

What a ROUGH child!

I don't think Emily cares!


YOUR turn next, Mary-Kate...
(STILL no Inspector Don? Where IS he?... Will this torture never END?...

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