Gwen of Avalon's Knottwood Farewell  Adventure

Gwen has a SPLIT SECOND to decide. With chagrin and regret, she abandons her pursuit of Horace and his rascally pirate liberators for BIGGER, more DANGEROUS game...
We NEVER thought she'd do that!

She is tracking Queen Soren of Tarn!

Gwen soon picks up the trail...
A skilled tracker!

...silently and skillfully following just on the edge of sight...

Gwen SOON has reason to congratulate herself on her choice to follow Soren!


Who would have thunk it?

There she goes!

Her heart soaring, Gwen plunges towards the hidden path after her quarry...
Gwen follows!

GOODBYE, Gwen of Avalon! Safe journey!
*Sniff!* - We'll MISS you...

(...But we're GLAD you didn't catch HORACE...)
*Tee hee hee!*

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THANKS AGAIN to Richard A. Harnett, our buddy in Tulsa, for letting Gwen visit - and Horace STAY!