Pumpkin Envy


EVERISHLY, Isobel casts aside her formerly admired specimen, eyes on a bigger prize! Isobel wrassles a Hallowe'en pumpkin...

It's colossal SIZE does not daunt her in the slightest, of course...

This really IS the biggest pumpkin in Knottwood!

She EVEN tries pushing it with her BACK...

She is DETERMINED to move it...

She'll bust a GUT, trying to push that monster!

But eventually, even Isobel has to Face Reality... She CANNOT move the monster pumpkin!

Isobel is giving UP?

Suddenly, she makes an ENCOURAGING DISCOVERY...

It's hard, but she MANAGES to scale the colossal pumpkin!

And at LAST she reaches the top!

She finally reaches her goal!

She dances around in TRIUMPH!

Suddenly, the pumpkin top flips INWARDS!

But suddenly the TOP tips inwards!

Isobel is FALLING IN!

ISOBEL covered in PUMPKIN GUTS?...

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