The Outfits and Costumes

This is just a straightforward photo album of some of the outfits and costumes worn by Knottwood Inhabitants. Let's start with the lovely Lilith Sorensen-da Gamba...

Lilith was - OF course! - a Flower Seller...
Lilith dressed as.... a FLOWER SELLER! (Big surprise!)

...Cheryl MEANT to sell pies, but was too busy chasing her children!
Cheryl was just BUSY!

Everyone LOVED Tamsin's Snow Maiden outfit...
Tamsin arrived as the Snow Queen...

Fleur went with a Starry Sky theme, too!
Fleur picked a starry sky theme...

Nadine looked absolutely STUNNING as Melusine the Serpent Fairy!
A dress of shimmering snakeskin-patterned satin!

Katherine made Nancy Hanbro's beautiful NECKLACE!
The necklace came from Katherine...

Nancy couldn't believe how graceful her tomboy daughter Isobel looked!
Nancy is SO proud of Isobel!

(Katherine and Isobel made matching outfits!)
Katherine and Isobel...

(And would you believe, ISOBEL sewed her OWN!)
Isobel Hanbro SEWING???

"Ithobel made MY pwetty dweth TOO!"
Holly in green!

"...Doethn't it go well with my betht fwiend Belinda's PINK one?"
Holly and Belinda LOVED their dresses!

Meanwhile, the Lindquist triplets dressed as true mediaeval princesses!
The Lindquist Triplets looked VERY colourful...

Hermione Granger whipped up a wonderful costume WITHOUT using magic!
Hermione Granger made her OWN costume!

Little Rose Haney certainly had the most ORIGINAL outfit!
Rose insisted on making her OWN outfit!

Bethany Underfoot's fighting gear certainly made a statement!

Bethany's outfit was EQUALLY spectacular!

Sisters Megan and Catriona Hanbro went for the "Fairy Princess" look...
Two beautiful sisters!

And of course we CAN'T forget BRIDE ALICIA (and big sister/maid of honour, Celestia!)...
Two MORE beautiful sisters!

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