Danae's Avalon Channel Adventure

VERY special thanks to R. A. Harnett for tonight's Knottwood/Avalon CROSSOVER Adventure!

Eleven o' clock in the Haney household - and it's time for the Mediaeval Network's nightly "Avalon Channel" NEWS...

(They watch it EVERY night!)

Cheryl doesn't APPROVE of Perfection...

- If ONLY they could have seen behind the scenes EARLIER today, when the Avalon Channel was attempting to introduce a bright new CO-ANCHOR...

"Good evening. Danae here with Alicia to bring you the latest doings in Avalon – Whole milk prices dropped another three farthings a stone-weight--"

"Danae? Sorry to interrupt. We have new images from Blueberry Woods."
"Ah-h, I see."  Danae riffles two pages of hastily scrawled narrative.  "Apparently our Guinevere met Ryder in the Woods this afternoon. Gwen's gold armor shows her dark hair to good advantage."

"I have dark hair, Danae."

"So you do."  Pause.  "The armored ladies crossed swords in what must be another skirmish for the Crown...

"...As you can see, these lady knights are using the new close-fitting helmet design favored by noted champions."  Danae turns to Alicia before continuing. "...Unlike that old, boxy relic you claim you'll use some day."

"Oh-oh. Ryder failed to follow her advantage. The best defense is constant attack. Hit, strike and pound until she's down."

"Guinevere knows her stuff, all right."

Alicia blurts, "But what about Ryder? That must hurt something awful!"

Danae gives her co-anchor THE look.

"Ah-hah! A new player: Streaky of Saltonstall. Barely sixteen -- and who surely wouldn't be allowed on her own were it not these desperate times of an empty throne..."

"She's challenging Gwen! Good Lord, doesn't she know Gwen is the odds-on favorite in the Crown Sweeps?"

"She, she has unhorsed Gwen and knocked-- I can scarcely credit this, this--"

"Oh this is too much! A shaft of light from above? Way, way too much. First that the mere slip of a girl unhorses--"

Alicia steps forward. "She's using an old, boxy helmet. Just like mine."

"So she is. In other news, the Lake District drought is said to be worsening--"

"--Except for the area around Lower Windermere--"

"Danae, I mean, if she can do that at sixteen, well then, I certainly..."

Danae pauses.

"Here. If you can do everything, you read the bulletins, or show us how you use that dumb old helmet."

"And that concludes our Tuesday broadcast."

"The Medieval Network apologizes. However, if there are presentable young women,with stage presence and excellent diction, please apply in the morning to 16 Drury Lane."

[Long pause – indistinct whispers.]

"And that concludes our broadcast day – Good evening."

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