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A thrilling moment at the After Dinner Joust!
In honour of Neville and Alicia's wedding, an exhibition Joust was held after the banquet. Alas, we didn't get to film the banquet or Michael's joust with Lady Bethany, as Errol had managed to drop his camera in the moat while attempting to film himself abducting Lady Alicia. However, as soon as he realized we were camera-less, Buddy Jim, er, we mean Sir James Ares Hanbro, raced home and got his camera, and we were in time to catch the last four contestants in truly stirring battle against the reigning Nottinghamshire Champion, Lady Bethany Underfoot!

Read on to find out how our brave contestants fared against formidable Lady Bethany!

Sir Per Gunnar Thorssen, The Blue Knight
Sir Donald Haney, The Red Knight
Sir Lars Lindquist, the Golden Knight
Sir James Ares Hanbro, the White Knight

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