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January 29, 2008
Our LAST update of the month - and we finish off all the Adventures stemming from the 2007 Knottwood Christmas Party. Sort of. Errol Stanley Gardner, editor of PEEPLE Magazine tells us there are "still a couple of human interest stories" he's trying to put together - but for now, courtesy of Isobel, we have The Knottwood LORD OF THE RINGS Adventure.

In other words, the 2007 Knottwood Christmas Party going out with a bang at its very silliest...

January 25, 2008
Who's HOT - and who's not? Our Knottwood PEEPLE Magazine has a good whack at answering that question, after its annual coverage of the fashions people wore for the 2007 Knottwood Christmas Party Fashion Feature.

January 23, 2008
Today we did a minor face-lift on our home page - and added a MAILING LIST button, for those who are too busy to check the bulletin page directly, but don't mind a short email whenever a new one is added.

January 17, 2008
Isobel plays Santa Claus - and does some REALLY great detective work - in Isobel's Secret Santa Adventure!

January 16, 2008
Santa Claus actually visited Knottwood and brought the presents in PERSON this year.

Alas. He had the assistance of a very Naughty Elf... and probably not the one you are thinking of, either!

January 15, 2008 (a wee bit LATER...)
Oh. And we finished the REST of the story of how Horace and the Pirates ended up at Knottwood Castle...

January 15, 2008

To celebrate, another Adventure from the Christmas Party - er, well, backtracking a bit BEFORE the Christmas Party - is up and running in our Parties section.

Yes. In the final hours before Horace's return, pirate captains Hambone and Gordon unexpectedly experience the wrath of Emily-Amelie (and the Joys of Lard...)

January 9, 2008
Well, the SIXTH Annual Knottwood Christmas Party was held once again at Knottwood Castle. It started out deceptively quietly (and contains possibly the Longest Sentence we've Ever Written!)...

And THEN almost got hijacked by a very strange Santa and his helpers in The Return of, Uh, A Lot of People Adventure...

January 2, 2008
Where DOES the time fly? Our third year of UPDATES... and our SIXTH year of Knottwood Adventures - but that's only in human years. In Knottwood, time has passed much more quickly, and once-adorable baby Isobel Pearl Hanbro is now a wildly rebellious thirteen-year-old - out of CONTROL, her magical powers running RAMPANT!

Wait. Did we say "wildly rebellious"? - Alas, no longer! Back in October, Isobel had a little, uh, magical accident... and it's STILL not been put right!

But her best friend Belinda decides it's time to DO something about this! .


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