Hermione Winterblossom

Hermione having a rare moment of relaxation at home...

Hermione Jane Winterblossom was hired as official ballet mistress to the newly-formed Knottwood Ballet company. Her arrival created a scandal among the more conservative members of the quiet Nottinghamshire village, once it was learned that she had split up with her husband, and was looking to create a new life. However, after only one highly successful ballet season, a new fire chief arrived in Knottwood - Billy Winterblossom! The two quickly got back together, but public sympathy still tends to be on Hermione's side - Billy is grumpy and reserved, and the general feeling is that he stops Hermione from being as socially active as she used to be. "They really keep to themselves a lot," complained local resident Mrs. Violet Goat.  "She's much too cheery a lass to be stuck with a moaning minnie like him!"

It was also observed that underneath her famed "unflappable" good nature, there is an air of sadness about Hermione. Local gossip has put the cause down as everything from her grumpy husband to an inability to have babies. Since we dislike gossip very much, we decided to ask Hermione! Her answer? "Blisters on me feet!"

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