Gwen of Avalon's Enchanted Forest Adventure - Part Two

But even without her SWORD, Gwen of Avalon isn't finished YET! She saves her own life by hurtling like a human cannon ball onto her foe, unbalancing the startled Queen!
Oooh, clever!

Horace surprises himself by cheering for Gwen!
Such vio-lence!

Regrettably direct!

Er... we THINK this means he *approves*...

The startled queen is knocked from her horse!
Horace never gives UP!

Siezing the moment, Gwen leaps down to retrieve her BLADE...

But the predatory queen is already rushing towards her!

Meanwhile, just over the rise, and not very far away...
WHAT?? They're still HERE?

Pirate captains Jim Hambone and Peggy Gordon are roughing it in the woods. Seems they never made it back to their SHIPS, after C.J.'s Tea Party adventure!
- And a PIRATE should know!

Yes, we're sorry to say, while looking for the Magic Portal, hopelessly LOST in Knottwood Forest, Isobel's pirate ancestor and his peg-legged colleague have taken to robbing travelers of their goods, cash and clothing!
Look OUT, you two!

Cap'n Peggy is enjoying his new COAT...

But Captain Hambone has lost interest in their erstwhile VICTIM...
Good thing he has that SPYGLASS

Meanwhile, Gwen is still defending herself vigorously!

Brazenly, the pirates wade right PAST the combatants...
What ARE they doing?

Poor Cap'n Peggy!

Fortunately for the PIRATES, the two knights are both so absorbed, they don't even NOTICE!
Ah. The Guybrush Threepwood school of swordplay!

Ah. He knows Gwen welll!



In the end, however, they had to ABANDON their wager. It was starting to get DARK...
Go, Gwen!

Oh dear!

Suddenly, Gwen revives - to dash right PAST Queen Soren!
FINALLY, she notices!

In an INSTANT, Soren is making her ESCAPE!

Seems her sights are set on BIGGER game!
(MERRY CHRISTMAS, Ryder and company!  Better fortify Avalon's borders - Queen Soren is on her WAY!)

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GWEN'S appearance courtesy of Richard A. Harnett, our buddy in Tulsa
Cap'n Peggy Gordon, weapons and accessories courtesy of Knottwood's Official Blacksmith, INTENTS, Smith of the West
Most of Captain Jim Hambone's outfit, weapons, accessories and his AMAZING WAISTCOAT courtesy of FRED JESKA
Captain Jim's fine muslin SHIRT stolen from MADAME MARABOU'S, Knottwood (imported from LOONY KNOLL)
Captain Jim's Big Plain Pewter Mug from Stevo's Toys