This wonderful painting is by artist Peter 
Wilson, of the Arnold Art Society, in Nottinghamshire...

February 28, 2006
Our last update of the month!  We have now added Isobel Hanbro's Biography Page and Photo Album to our Children's Page. Just click on Isobel Pearl Hanbro to see the SHOCKING record of all her crimes!

February 26, 2006
Today not only will you notice the Adventure pages have been updated and redesigned, but that you can also find another REALLY early Adventure on the Adventure Page. Check out The Violet Moon Adventure to meet an infrequent but important visitor to Knottwood...

February 21, 2006
We proudly present our most EXCITING ADVENTURE YET!  Yes, we've ALL finally recovered from last Friday's trek through the Arctic with Michael.   Actually, there are FIVE episodes in our dramatic saga of... but why don't you just GO there and check them out? Start with Michael's Foot-in-Mouth Adventure... The link at the end of it will guide you through the next four continuing episodes of our rapidly darkening Epic.

(OR you can find them all AS usual on our More Adventures Page...) (And DON'T FORGET- These episodes are just LADEN with Magic Sparkles for you to Discover... as well as Emily-Amelie's very first SNOWMAN!

February 16, 2006
We've just added a teeny weeny little Adventure today to the original Adventure Page today... one of our very EARLIEST ones. Check out Isobel's Hairdressing Adventure for a look into her Murky Past!

February 15, 2006
Well, Isobel's been in hospital almost a WEEK, and nothing really awful has happened. Apart from some VERY scary visitors... And some very ODD gifts!

February 13, 2006
We have FINALLY got an update on Isobel Hanbro's condition! Go directly to the hospital to find out more...

February 12, 2006

NEWSFLASH! Isobel Hanbro has had a TERRIBLE accident! You can find out more about the tragic tale on the MORE ADVENTURES PAGE, but we KNOW you'll probably want to go STRAIGHT AWAY to Isobel's Helmet Adventure!

February 9, 2006

Another update! By special request of KATHERINE, we proudly present a new addition to our original ADVENTURE PAGE! It's the story of Cheryl and Don's disastrous return home, after their Austrian honeymoon from Heaven! Check out Cheryl's Homecoming Adventure directly to find out how she REALLY broke her ankle!

February 5, 2006

Well, the LATEST update is to our KNOTTWOOD MAIN PAGE! It has a COMPLETELY new look - AND a bulletin board!

Also, all annual Knottwood Christmas Parties so far are now up on the PARTY PAGE!

Before that, we updated the CHILDREN'S PAGE! It now contains the first of the NEW & IMPROVED FORMAT biographies - that of little Holly Noelle Hanbro...

On the Children's Page, you will also find a button to take those of you with strong stomachs directly to the BIRTH STORIES PAGE. There you will find graphic accounts of several Knottwood births.



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