Knottwood Therapy Adventure

Meet renowned psychologist Dr. Agnes Nizhoni, formerly of Chinle, Arizona. She was
brought to Knottwood by Dr. Megan to supervise little Colin Eight's psychotherapy...

Meet the latest inhabitant of Knottwood...

Dr. Agnes quickly became sought after for her practical, common-sense advice...
All SORTS of people come to consult Dr. Agnes!

...and incredible listening skills...
And Catriona always seemed so QUIET!

...not to mention her shrewd and accurate advice.
She's so WISE...

Her warm sympathy has a way of getting people to confess their DEEPEST fears.
(We always THOUGHT Officer Joe seemed a little nervous)

She ALWAYS seems to have a novel SOLUTION to offer.
Doctor Agnes has the PERFECT solution!

Dr. Agnes does not pull any punches when getting to the HEART of the matter!
...Dr. Agnes has a THING or two to say to Per Gunnar Thorssen!

Uh... I think Per needs to FOCUS...


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