Natalie and Delores Dimple

Natalie and Delores with Lars Lindquist... Names: Natalie and Delores Dimpfelmeier
Jobs: Professional Figure Skaters
Hate: Gaining weight!
Pet Peeves: Getting bitten by Annifrid/
When Cheyenne sets my hair on fire
Secret Ambition: Tü star in a movie based on Lars' life!

Name: Elise Dimpfelmeier
Job: Coutourier/salon owner
Loves: Matching clients with that perfect dress!
Hates: Gaining weight!
Pet Peeves: Customers who insist on wearing colours that do not flatter them!
Hobbies: Writing adventure/romance novels, embroidery, tai chi, books on the Orient
Secret Ambition: To take a year and travel round the world - with a stop in the Orient to study their historical designs, fabrics and fashions

The first thing to remember about the Dimple Twins - they aren't twins! They are actually two-thirds of a set of triplets! However, Elise was older than her sisters by two whole minutes, and this extra edge of maturity has led her down a different path. She has achieved fame as noted dress designer and international coutourier "Madame Marabou".

Younger triplets Natalie and Delores are self-professed, unabashed "Lars Groupies" who have skated in his ice shows for many years. Their most recent venture has been babysitting for the Lindquist Triplets. "It's such a shame that Elise is into dresses and business and all that stuff," laments Delores. "Just think how convenient it would have been if there was a babysitter each for Annifrid, Cheyenne and Katherine!"

Busy Elise Dimpflemeier (a.k.a. "Madame Marabou")... My clients are sometimes demanding!

Luckily I can count on KATHERINE to assist me during the busy wedding season!
We also sell a full line of jewellery and accessories!

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