This wonderful painting is by artist Peter 
Wilson, of the Arnold Art Society, in Nottinghamshire.  It is a painting of Lowdham Mill.  Lowdham is just across the road from Knottwood...

June 30, 2006
Yes, the rumours are TRUE! Changing Spaces was the LATEST TV show to visit Knottwood, invited, we hear, by someone with atroshus speling. But even Isobel Hanbro was BARELY a match for drastic design diva, Hildi Santo-Tomato! She and Michael did NOT have the happy, harmonious time that Katherine, Neville and Alicia had with perky pastel trendsetter, Anna Richer-Ryderson.

The bottom line is, there's a WHOOOOLE passel o' Changing Spaces Adventures. You can find them all on the Even More Adventures page - or you can go directly to the first one, Neville & Alicia's Changing Spaces Adventure, and continue on from there.

(We've now added NEXT and LAST buttons to the end of every Adventure, so you can scroll through them sequentially!)

Oh. And don't forget to keep your eye out for the odd Magic Sparkle or two...

June 17, 2006
This time little Emily got loose in Knottwood! You can see what happened during her trip to Tina's House of Beauty in Emmy's No More Tangles Adventure. But THAT was just the beginning! It continued through Emmy's Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow Adventure and ended up with the reason why we never, ever, EVER give Small Children large hair ornaments in Emmy's Flowerhead Adventure...

(You can find all three Adventures on the Even More Adventures page...)

June 15, 2006
We ARE on a roll - yet ANOTHER page to add today! This time, we can blame Knottwood editor Errol Stanley Ryder... Apparently several of you have been asking for a closer look at PEEPLE Magazine, so Errol has posted all the existing covers since his arrival on the Knottwood PEEPLE Magazine Page...

Also, back to some old Adventures we've never managed to put on the site before... THIS time, it's Cheryl's first dabble into the wonderful world of HORSES... To see how Officer Don took it, check out Cheryl's Riding Wannabe Adventure. (It's on our Adventures page, about eleven adventures down...)

June 14, 2006
Well, today we added a harrowing account of kidnap victim Colin Eight's First Therapy Session to the Knottwood site. We warn you, it is NOT for the squeamish - but these things have to be faced. (You can also find it inserted into the More Adventures page (it's the fifth one down)...

We also finished updating Nadine's section in the Adventures by Character Runners Up section - AND we've added Nancy to the TOP of that page! Nancy narrowly missed being on our Popularity Poll Winner's Page by, *sigh*, ONE vote...

June 10, 2006
Today we updated Nancy's biography in our People section... AND Nancy FINALLY dug out those honeymoon photos!

June 8, 2006
We've COMPLETELY re-done the Tour of Knottwood Castle, adding a NEW ROOM and a new "Celebrity Guests " section - and making it MUCH easier to navigate! (There will be more rooms and more celebrity guests coming soon!)

June 6, 2006
This month, we've been hard at work, updating our Adventures By Character section, found on the Knottwood Notice Board. Soon it will contain the results of our Popularity Poll, though we CAN tell you that Isobel Hanbro is definitely leading the pack!

Meanwhile, we've updated a couple more biographies... That of Piers Bosnan and Buddy Jim Hanbro.

You can find them both on our People page...

June 3, 2006
We have an OLD New Adventure on the website! It's from before Lars and Nadine got married. ONE day we will tell you the arduous story of how long it took Lars to get Nadine to pick a date for the wedding, but Lars' VERY Naughty Adventure was just one of his little tricks, in trying to hurry her up.

Needless to say, it did NOT work. (We hope you won't be TOO shocked...)


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