Rosalinda's Christmas Surprise Adventure

Spanish beauty Rosalinda Reyes Alvarez is NOT enjoying the cold, damp, winter weather. A recent arrival in Knottwood, she can only look forward to a LONELY Christmas, far away from her native Andalusia...
POOR Rosa!

A sudden cheery knock on the door heralds the arrival of her LANDLADY...
Now THAT was unexpected!

The presents are from kind-hearted Leonor, who has heard of Rosalinda's loneliness...
Rosa actually looks EXCITED!

Leonor has gone to some trouble to find just the perfect gifts...
She NEEDED new ones!

How beautiful!

She looks wonderful in it!

But the young flamenco dancer is not prepared for the pièce de resistance!
Quick - what IS it?

A hand-made dancing shawl!

Her dark eyes flash with excitement!
Isn't it STUNNING?

This sounds hopeful!

In a few moments, Rosalinda is in COSTUME...

...dancing to flamenco music!
How wonderful!




This ought to be goodl!

What was that?


I don't BELIEVE it!

Thank HEAVENS it's a TOY...

After that, Rosalinda just HAD to check out Leonor's gift to Dr. Agnes Nizhoni...
NAUGHTY Rosalinda!

The difference in Rosa's mood is like night and DAY!
She's REALLY cheered up now!  Thanks!

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Special thanks to the incredibly talented LEONOR of Dizzy's Place
for all Rosa, Gisela and Dr. Agnes' Christmas presents in our last wonderful swap of the year!
Thanks also to KATHERINE, who brought Rosalinda's gorgeous flamenco outfit back from Spain last spring!