Bethany Underfoot

Bethany Underfoot... Name: Bethany Underfoot
Job: Principal dancer/Choreographer, Knottwood Ballet Company
Siblings: Brianna (twin sister)
Best friend: Celestia Skye
Hates: People who tell lies, the fact that my sister lives SO far away!
Loves: my dog Spotteline, hiking, kayaking, diving, extreme sports
Pet Peeves: People who eat smelly food on buses and trains
Special Interests: Growing mutant giant flowers
Secret Ambition: Buy out the dress shops of Madame Marabou and M'sieu Patrick and put on a ballet about chihuahuas!

Bethany and doggy friend Spotteline

Bethany and Celestia at this year's Christmas Party

Bethany with giant flowers

Bethany with gal pals We made PEEPLE Magazine!...
An article about Bethany is NOT complete without her twin sister, Brianna... No, this is NOT Bethany - it's BRIANNA!

Twin sister Brianna's new hairdo!

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