The Knottwood Armour Page

A sample of the Knottwood armour

Buddy Jim Hanbro just COULDN'T make up his mind about what sort of armour he wanted; so he ended up ordering a corslet of forged copper rings AND a loose skirt and breastplate of plate armour from world famous artist, designer and metalworker Cari Buziak at Aon-Celtic, in Canada! There was GREAT excitement the day the order finally arrived....

A sample of the Knottwood armour

...Complete with an authentic Aon-Celtic certificate and Official Seal!
Aon-Celtic Certificate!

Knottwood blacksmith Henry Glyndwyr supplied the rest of the knights with their chain mail hauberks and hoods.

If you want to see the SHOCKING EVENTS that unfolded when the armour actually arrived, check out:

The Aon-Celtic Armour Adventure

If you would like to learn MORE about the construction of the armour, click on the links below for patterns and information....

Aon-Celtic Chain Mail

And for a simpler version, for those with basic knitting skills and no metalwork experience...

Henry Glyndwyr's Mail Hauberks and Hoods

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