This wonderful painting is by artist Peter 
Wilson, of the Arnold Art Society, in Nottinghamshire.  It is a painting of Lowdham Mill.  Lowdham is just across the road from Knottwood...

January 25, 2007
Nope, you weren't dreaming there were a couple of strange, nightmarish Adventures in which Charles Hesketh Asmundsen was wandering around Knottwood Castle in the dark. They Disappeared for a while... but now they're BACK, naughtier than EVER! Check out our Knottwood Party Page to have another look at the missing adventures of Charles and Catriona!

Oh. And let's not forget Isobel and Belinda's Awful Epiphany! It too has been resurrected from the grave.... Muwhahahahahaaaaa...

January 23, 2007
And now for something COMPLETELY different. Want some input as to what clothes, accessories and supplies get produced for your doll or action figure? Check out this quick, ten-question, multiple choice survey at SurveyMonkey.com. Click here to take survey. (When it finishes, it looks as if you can use your "back" button to return to Knottwood).

January 22, 2007
Well, we've been silent the last several days because we've been recovering from a major computer repair (in which we lost a lot of data). However, we DID discover some tournament photos on a CD! So there's FINALLY a new Adventure added to The Knottwood Fighting Page. Not a BIG one - but as Buddy Jim says, his Strange Defeat hits the high points.

(Secretly, we think he's GLAD we lost the rest of the photos!)

January 15, 2007
We have TWO new Adventures for you today - and we're NOT sure which one is going to shock you MORE!

The first you can find both on our Party Page and our Even MORE Adventures page - Yes, it's Isobel & Belinda's Awful Epiphany.

The second... well, VERY late at night, after the by-now-infamous 2006 Knottwood Fifth Annual Christmas Party, Catriona Asmundsen had a shocking adventure of her OWN...


January 11, 2007
JUST when we were beginning to think Catriona Hanbro-Asmundsen was NOT very nice to her poor, sick husband Charlie, she kind-heartedly decided to go check UP on him in Knottwood Castle's Rose Room.

Alas - THIS is how she was REPAID for her thoughtfulness! NAUGHTY Charles!

January 9, 2007
The 2006 Fifth Annual Knottwood Christmas Party is long over... but we've been finding out about all SORTS of shenanigans that went on in the Castle that night! We've also found out WHY certain people weren't there. Check out our Knottwood Party Page to see not one, but TWO spooky new Adventures - Charles Hesketh Asmundsen's Eerie Adventure and Charles Hesketh Asmundsen's REALLY Eerie Adventure.

We honestly don't know whether you'll be more SHOCKED or terrified at... what happened to poor CHARLES!

January 8, 2007
FINALLY! The end to all Varna's Christmas woes... thanks to debonaire actor Piers Bosnan as you've NEVER seen him! Check out Piers Bosnan's Happy Ending Adventure to discover his unique solution to Varna's misery.

Also Errol Stanley Ryder has kindly allowed us to reprint his Christmas Fashion Page from the upcoming edition of Peeple Magazine.

(You can find these and the Christmas 2006 adventures leading UP to them on our Knottwood Party Page.

January 7, 2007
We've fixed our e-mail link! Apparently it was out of commission, thanks to a sneaky Extra Space - we wondered why Knottwood lovers had been so silent lately, and now we know. We'd ask you to send us an e-mail if it's still not working, bu-u-uuut...

Of greater importance (at least, that's what Varna Sorensen-Thorssen says) - we have TWO more new Christmas Adventures up on the site! Go to the Knottwood Party Page to check out Per's Christmas Disaster Adventure and Varna's Christmas Disaster Adventure.

And that's not the END of the Christmas Drama - but you'll have to wait a bit for the conclusion of this year's party shenanigans, we're working round the CLOCK to bring you more!

January 4, 2007
Due to several requests, we've added Katherine's Mini-Bio to our Who's WHO (page 2). Just click on her picture...

January 3, 2007
Our very FIRST update of the YEAR! Go to our Knottwood Party Page to see What Happened when Varna decided to crash the party...

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